Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration World

On Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th November I attended Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration World (OSNBC) at Dockside, Darling Harbour NSW Australia.

The keynotes were given by:
Richard B Kimber, CEO, Friendster
Rebekah Horne, Managing Director, Europe & Vice President ANZ, Fox Interactive Media (Myspace)
Francisco Cordero, General Manager, Bebo

It became very obvious following the keynotes that there was a large gap in the speakers understanding of the meaning of Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration. With the slight exception of Friendster the keynotes were strongly focused on advertising and monetisation, with no discussion of Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration although the words themselves were spoken.

Richard Kimber (Friendster) was the better of the keynote speakers and demonstrated how Friendster was biggest in South/East Asia and crossed borders to reconnect families, friends and played a big part in connecting the developed world with the developing world.

Following lunch on day 1, the room was split into 2 and there was a marketing stream and an enterprise stream, I attended the enterprise stream. On day 2 there was a marketing stream and a Govenment stream, I attended the Government stream on day 2. Here are my notes mostly in dot point format from some of the presentations:

Chris Knowles – Web Manager – Heinz Australia
Chris launched the successful ForBaby internet social network for mums with babies, Chris’ presentation was very informative and a great representation of a fantastic online social network. Notes from Chris’ presentation:
• Alleviate entry barriers – keep it simple
• Reward frequent contributors to keep content flowing
• Identify and work with early adopters
• The launch is an insignificant part of the social network.

Jeremy Mitchell – Telstra
“Companies need a human face, customers want a say, Web 2.0 is the answer”

• Rewards outweigh the risk
• Trust your products and people
• It’s a conversation
• Don’t wait, just do it, it’s the future.

Ross Ackland – CSIRO – W3C Australia
Ross gave a thorough, informative, passionate, entertaining and very useful presentation on Web 2.0 from a W3C perspective.
• Social Networking = interoperability
• Standards are critical and drive interoperability
• W3C are driving the Semantic Web (Web 3.0)
• Start small
• Check credentials
• Expect training challenges
• Talk to others who have implemented
• Mobile web is a foundation technology for Social Networking
• Mobile technology is extending the way we use the internet
• Mobile technology has had a major impact on the internet
• You are 1/8 of a second away from everyone
• You are part of a machine
• Personalisation requires transparency
• The role of the Web is to raise Global awareness of climate, economic and energy crisis.

I have only included my notes here on presentations which were actually relevant to the topic of the conference, with the exception of Laurel Papworth and her awesome presentation on Mobile Social Networking, Laurel’s presentation was brilliant!

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