Homemade Fish Fingers with Lime Tartare Sauce

500 grms Boneless, Skinless Fish Fillets (Orange Roughy, Ling, Barramundi or Perch, any other firm sweet white fleshed fish, Salmon is also good)
1 loaf of day old Sour Dough (the better the quality the better the crumbs)
2 large eggs
4 tblspns finely chopped fresh Dill (make sure it’s dry so it doesn’t clump)

Tartare Sauce

1 cup of whole egg mayonnaise (homemade is best but store bought is ok)
Finely grated zest of half a lime
2 Limes juiced
2 tspns of finely chopped baby Capers
1 large Gherkin finely chopped
1/4 cup of finely chopped Wild Rockette
2 tblspns finely chopped Flat Leaf Parsley


Using a blender or food processor make enough breadcrumbs to crumb your fish, you’ll need 5-6 cups. In a large bowl mix together the breadcrumbs and the Dill until evenly mixed. Whisk both eggs in a bowl until white and yolk are combined.

Rinse and pat your fish fillets dry with paper towels, slice your fillets across their width approximately 1 inch wide. dip each slice into the egg mixture then coat with bread crumbs. Place the crumbed fish into the refrigerator for around an hour to allow the egg and crumbs to set.

Mix together all the ingredients for the Tartare sauce and spoon into a serving bowl.

Heat enough good quality oil in a deep heavy based saucepan, fry your fish fingers in batches (3-4 minutes per batch) until golden brown, drain on paper towels then transfer to serving dish. I serve mine on a bed of Wild Rockette.



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