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  1. Another good point this site is for discussion, we want to hear evynoere’s view. At the meeting last Wednesday, Vanessa outlined the situation, and the options, and asked for a show of hands on whether to go down this route. Every hand (around 40) was raised in favour of exploring the legal route. This meeting was minuted, they will be published soon. But if people could not make the meeting, we want to hear evynoere’s views, for or against.It is the Save Robslee task force who is proposing the current action. The Parent Council, as it includes Robslee staff has to be separate, and concern itself solely with school issues. But the Taskforce, Parent Council and PTA have a lot of overlapping members. Any points or concerns for any of the 3 groups can be emailed to this site, they will get to the correct people!At the moment, we are seeking counsel, to advise on the likelihood of the success of a judicial review. We are well on the way to having the funds to pay for this. Regarding existing PTA funds, this fund will be kept completely separate from the existing PTA fund we have a chartered accountant who manages the PTA bank account, they will ensure this.

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