St Albans Sinkhole 2 October 2015 01:30GMT

St Albans Sinkhole

The 66ft (20m) diameter hole spread across a front garden and driveway on Fontmell Close and is 33ft (10m) deep.


St Albans/Coordinates

51.7550° N, 0.3360° W

Altitude: 61M

Date and Time: 2015/10/02 01:30


This is related to the next post the Sinkhole at Inskip Point Rainbow Beach Queensland Australia

The Cardinals

N – Hercules aligned with Eta Hercules

S – Caelum the graving tool or sculptors chisel, also known as ‘the Heavens’ or celestial

E – Sextans Uranae a navigational tool, relative to Sex and value 6

W – Aquarius aligned with Eta Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus and Uranus brings change

Zenith – Auriga the charioteer, Erichthonius was according to some legends autochthonous, ‘born of the earth’, Erichthonios, referred to as the ‘beneficent autochthon‘ [8]. Automedon was the charioteer of Achilles. The automobile is the modern counterpart of the chariot, ‘auto-mobile’, ‘self-propelling’, from Greek autos, ‘self’. Socrates (Phaedrus 246a – 254e), uses the Chariot allegory to explain his view of the human soul. One horse being well-behaved and the other troublesome, and some souls have difficulty controlling the black horse, even with the help of the white horse [9]. “Aristotle spoke of autarkia – having your origin in yourself. Capacity for self-movement implied divinity and immortality. The divine or immortal element in us is ‘auto-kinetic’ or, as we say today, ‘automobile'” [10] From Greek autos, ‘self, same, spontaneous; directed from within’, we get the words auto-, autism, automatic, autopsy (‘a seeing for oneself’), authentic.


Nadir – Crater, the Cup, is often considered a part of the threefold constellation; Hydra, Corvus and Crater. It relates to the myth [Ovid’s Fasti, 2.243-66] that Apollo sent a Raven (Corvus) to fetch water in the god’s cup (Crater). The raven got back late because he waited at a fig tree for figs to ripen before returning. He brought back a Water-snake (Hydra), along with the water-filled cup (Crater), and told Apollo that the Hydra had caused the delay. Apollo was not deceived by the lie and placed the Raven (Corvus), the cup (Crater), and the Water-snake (Hydra) among the stars, where the Water-snake guards the water from the thirsty Raven. The Holy Grail San Graal

Planet Constellation Ecl Lon Ecl Lat
Moon Taurus 062.4250 -05.2242
Sun Virgo 188.5140 +00.0012
Mercury Virgo 185.5621 -02.0188
Mars Leo 154.3384 +01.2791
Venus Leo 144.8470 -03.0255
Subra Leo Omnicron 144.4670 -03.7562

Leo Subra

The history of the star: Subra

Omicron (ο) Leo, Subra, is a star in the right knee of the Lion.

By the Kabalists, Leo is associated with the Hebrew letter Kaph and the 11th Tarot Trump “Strength.”