Roasted Potato, Fetta & Rosemary Quiche

3 Medium Potatoes, peeled and sliced 10mm thick 200 grms Fetta Cheese 1 Leek sliced finely 200 grms Bacon finely diced 1 punnet Grape Tomatoes halved 6 eggs 2 cups Cream 1/2 cup Milk 2 tblspns Rosemary finely chopped Salt & Pepper 2 tblspns Olive Oil 3 sheets Frozen Puff Pastry Pre-heat oven to 180C. […]

A Sneek Peek

My daughter Tess had to record an album for her YR12 music final. Here’s a rough cut of one of her songs I’m a proud mum Rock n Rollin7

BEST EVER! Lemon & Ginger Chicken

Ingredients 3 skinless boneless chicken breast fillets, cut into narrow strips 3 egg whites 1 1/2 tablespoons cornflour Oil for frying Sauce ingredients 60ml lemon juice 1 cup chicken stock 2 teaspoons grated fresh ginger 3cm piece of fresh ginger peeled and thinly sliced 1 tablespoon cornflour 1 tablespoon honey 2 tablespoons sugar Lightly beat […]

Homemade Fish Fingers with Lime Tartare Sauce

Ingredients 500 grms Boneless, Skinless Fish Fillets (Orange Roughy, Ling, Barramundi or Perch, any other firm sweet white fleshed fish, Salmon is also good) 1 loaf of day old Sour Dough (the better the quality the better the crumbs) 2 large eggs 4 tblspns finely chopped fresh Dill (make sure it’s dry so it doesn’t […]

Yum Nua – Thai Beef Salad

Ingredients 500 grams of eye fillet steak (2-3 3/4″ thick slices) 1 Telegraph Cucumber (Less bitter than lebanese) cut into julienne 1 Small Red Spanish Onion, cut in half and finely sliced 2 Small Red Thai Birdseye Chillis finely sliced 2 baby Cos Lettuce, outer leaves removed – or 3-4 Witlof, break off individual leaves, […]

Chilli Con Queso Dip

1 pack of Philly cheese 1 large jar of Old El Paso Chunky Salsa (I use the medium, but would use hot if I could get it) 1 small pack of sour cream 1 1/2 cups of grated tasty cheddar 1 SourDough Cob or Similar Method: Keep Philly at room temperature, in Winter you may […]

Colonial First State, Failure on ‘Duty of Care’

Having been put in a position where I have no income by an as yet un-named third party failed procurement process, I have been forced to attempt to withdraw the maximum allowable under hardship from my Superannuation funds. Apart from my PSS Superannuation I had 4 other smaller funds which totalled approximately the maximum 10k […]

Girl Geek Dinner Canberra #3

Announcing: Canberra Google Girl Geek Dinner #3! Date: Wednesday, 14 October, 2009 Time: 6:00pm for a 6:30 start Venue: The Burns Club, 8 Kett St Kambah, ACT 2902 I’ll be speaking at this event in a Lightning Talk spot, titled “What Revoluton!” I expect to not fill the allotted 5 minutes, but I’m sure the […]

One Word = Accessibility

Today Lisa Harvey posted an excellent post on accessibility for the Government 2.0 Taskforce. Which immediately prompted some lively commenting on the post. On person asked if the Government needed to impose the Federal Government’s laws regarding content publishing standards to consituents submission formats. The short answer to the question is a resounding no.  There […]